BulletBobbers Catch Fish When Nothing Else Does

Derek Bierman   Sunday, April 29, 2007 2:34 PM

BulletBobbers are small planer boards that slide on your line and flip direction and/or color when given a tug. They reduce the amount of casts between catches which gives your lure more time in the water--one important key to catching more fish.

The bobber consists of two planer boards crossed in the center. The horizontal board controls the up and down direction in the water while the vertical board controls the left and right. The two boards are rounded similar to a "bullet" on the front and the back (hence the name). Combined with the action of your rod, the two planer boards control the speed and direction of the bobber on the water.

The bullet shape of the bobber gives it the ability to change direction during the retrieve. Simple tugs on the line will produce a zig-zag motion. This is extremely useful considering without a BulletBobber we can only control the back and forth of the retrieve, but with it we can control up to 6 directions. The bobber also has the ability to dive which gives us the additional up and down directions.

Controlling 6 directions of your lure or bait really opens up opportunities for a boat or shorebound angler.

Fishing in slow currents allows you to plane from bank to bank at any distance without recasting. You can also hold a position in the current like a kite in the air. Having on-demand control of the planing direction makes it possible to fish weeded areas with many lures or bait that which are much more difficult without it.

The bobber brings a new level to sight fishing. You can guide the lure with precision to the fish without recasting while saying good-bye to needless splashing resulting in spooked fish.

You can fish under docks or overhanging trees without snags. Fish more water and structures by scraping walls, floating docks, stumps, or other hiding places without hardly moving from one spot. Other opportunities like fishing parallel along a high wall, sand bar, or weed line are extremely easy.

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re: BulletBobbers Catch Fish When Nothing Else Does
5/10/2007 4:58:52 PM  Jason W. says,

I don't fish all the time but when I do I like to catch fish. These things really do work, and it looks like the word is out.

re: BulletBobbers Catch Fish When Nothing Else Does
5/10/2007 5:18:45 PM  Derek says,

Hi Jason, where do you fish and what have you caught on it?

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