Mangler Lure has Instant Spin Blade Design

Daniel Nielsen   Monday, April 23, 2007 1:43 AM

I have never seen a spinnerbait like this. Its inline design is sleek and eye catching, but thats not what immediately grasps your attention.

Its the blade. In all my years of fishing, I have never come across a more unique blade. Fortunately for me these past few trips, the white and smallmouth bass never had either.

Mangler lure has innovative instant spinning action due to it's blade

It is versatile and unlike other in-spinners, the blade starts spinning immediately as soon as it hits the water on the fall. BIG PLUS!!!

The soft body squid/tentacled addition that is molded onto the spinner's center weight is an added bonus as well. Fish latch onto the this with unabashed abandon--smallmouth, whites, largemouth, even walleye. Mark my words, this lure is a multi-species legend in the making.

Out west in Utah where the Mangler is made by Cox Lures INC, and in other mountainous states, the Mangler is earning a reputation as a big trout catching lure for good reason. Its different and a better, if not the best, single spinner innovation to come along in decades.

After using this bait for the past few weeks, I find myself pondering different uses for it. I know that with the slightest movement through the water the blade will start turning, so slow rolling steep shorelines will be no problem. Buzzing submergent weed tips will be no problem either. Stop and go retrieves that can only be used with safety pin type spinners can now be fully realized with the Mangler. Quartering casts with swift current for whites will take on whole new levels of pleasure with this lure as well.

For years, I have always considered Mepps the standard and epitome of in-line spinner baits. Mepps are good lures and their fish catching ability cannot be disputed, but anglers who like Mepps will love the Mangler and will probably find that wherever they would opt to use a Mepps spinner bait, the Mangler might be a better choice as it lends itself to more versatility.

Mangler Lure

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