Know Your Local Fishing Store

Jim McWilliams   Thursday, February 15, 2007 11:53 PM

You walk into a major chain store, work your way through the ladies wear, the hardware, the toiletries, and there in a special section are the fishing supplies. Nobody talks to, nobody to swap a good fishing story with, and no help in finding out what?s biting, where and what on.

Have you ever heard ?Attention all you K-Mart shoppers, the walleye are hitting at?? You have to be kidding.

I am a small town guy. The local store here is Steinbaugh?s Boats and Motors. No, not as it sounds. There is not a big showroom with shiny boats glistening in the windows as you drive by. You have to think Blair, Nebraska here. Steinbaugh?s is located behind a liquor store, almost across the street from No Frills.

Inside of the entrance, you will meet two gentlemen, Roger and Rex Steinbaugh. They will gladly take you on a tour of their store, proudly showing you pictures, trophy fish on the walls, and rightly so, as their father started this business back in 1948. Steinbaugh?s is a bit of local history, as well as an excellent source of information, live bait, tackle of all sorts and, of course, boats and motors.

Almost every town in the Midwest, no matter how large or how small, has one of these fine stores. You can ask how the fish are biting and they know. You can ask what they are hitting on, and they know. If the store is closed on a particular day, you know where they usually are?fishing. They are the fisherman?s friend and the best source of information for local areas.

Are you on vacation in an area that you know nothing about? Ask someone where the local tackle shop is. Your key to fishing success is your ability to ask questions. That simple. The best part is the warm smile and the sincere ?Good luck? that you receive each time you head for the door. By the way?I spent $18.01 at Steinbaugh?s today and it didn?t even hurt.

Jim McWilliams

The Float Tube Guy

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re: Know Your Local Fishing Store
12/30/2011 3:29:40 PM  Carlie says,

Just do me a favor and keep writing such trenchant aanylses, OK?

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