Catch More Fish With These Fishing Rigs Part 2, Carolina Rig

Derek Bierman   Wednesday, January 10, 2007 11:42 PM

This is part 2 in a series on fishing rigs. The Carolina Rig is most helpful when fishing brush and downward slopes. Learn all the parts of the Carolina Rig. Learn how to tie it, bait it, and how to fish with it.

Fishing Rigs in this Series

  1. Texas Rig Part 1
  2. Carolina Rig Part 2
  3. Floating Rig Part 3
  4. Lindy Rig Part 4

Fish You Can Catch on a Carolina Rig

  • Bass
  • Walleye
  • Pike
  • Muskey
  • BlueGill
  • Perch
  • Crappie

Carolina Rig Tackle

  1. Fishing Line
  2. A Barrel Swivel
  3. About 6' of leader line 2lb lighter test than your reel line
  4. 1/2oz. - l oz. Bullet or Egg Sinker Weight
  5. 1 Glass or Brass Bead or Rattle Chamber
  6. Hook
  7. Bait

How to Tie the Carolina Rig

  1. Tie one end of the leader line to the barrel swivel and set it aside.
  2. Slide your main line through the sinker weights
  3. Next, place the glass bead, brass bead, or rattle chamber behind the sinker weight.
  4. Tie the main line to the other end of the barrel swivel.
  5. Now, tie the end of the leader line to your hook.
  6. Finally, hook your bait.
<b>Carolina Rig</b>

Carolina Rig Bait

Hooking bait to the Carolina Rig is exactly the same as the Texas Rig. If you use a minnow hook it just behind both lips. This keeps the minnow alive, and allows it to swim freely.

When tying your tackle to your line  use the Clinch Knot.

hook minnow

When using a plastic worm or night crawler, hook it through the thick part of the head about an inch down. Move the plastic worm or night crawler head all the way to the eye of the hook. Finally, hook the worm again just a little higher up the body where the barb of the hook rests against its body. Do not puncture all the way through the worm, rather hook into the body and allow the barb to rest inside the worm with the barb pointing upward. This will allow the bait to work weedless and minimize snags.

hook plastic worm

Where and How to Fish the Carolina Rig

You would not want to use the Corlina Rig around Dams or levees since the heavy weight would get hung up on the rocks. The best place would be on a downward slope where you can present the bait off the bottom. The Carolina Rig is also excellent in reeds and brush since you can weave the bait around and through cover at variable depths with its ability to be weedless.

The best presentation is to cast beyond your target area and slowly give the line a tug and allow the bait to freely move about. No need to keep your line very taught since the weight will pull the bait down. Reel in the slack a bit and give the line another tug. Use your imagination as to how a fish will see the bait moving slowly with variable jolts of speed seemingly to be snaking through the water.

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re: Catch More Fish With These Fishing Rigs Part 2, Carolina Rig
4/13/2007 11:09:06 PM  DAWG says,

first day trout here in pa.. forgot how to do a carolina rig. thanks for the instructions.. very nice

re: Catch More Fish With These Fishing Rigs Part 2, Carolina Rig
4/14/2007 12:10:02 AM  Derek says,

Thanks DAWG! Hope the fish are biting in pa.!

re: Catch More Fish With These Fishing Rigs Part 2, Carolina Rig
5/17/2007 11:58:50 AM  flytier says,

actually your line need to be taught (especially with bass) because the fish will strike from behind by flaring their gills and suckin in like a vacuum cleaner. the strike can be very hard to detect at time. and many time, in muddy water, bass will hit you sinker becuase of the vibration. set the hook anytime you feel a hit. you'll set the hook on nothing alot, but you'll be surprised with the amount of hookups you get.

re: Catch More Fish With These Fishing Rigs Part 2, Carolina Rig
5/18/2007 9:04:16 AM  Derek says,

Good suggestions for bass flytier. A tighter line will also help prevent a bass from swallowing the hook. Thanks for the tips!

re: Catch More Fish With These Fishing Rigs Part 2, Carolina Rig
6/7/2007 1:53:20 PM  franky says,

pounded the bass on a local lake first time with the rig... everyone else using spinners and rapalas... not a hit.. haha thanks for the tips.

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