Mobility is Key to Catch Fish

Daniel C. Nielsen   Friday, August 04, 2006 12:17 AM

It is an amazing propensity of fishermen to take more than they need on a given fishing trip. Obviously, a fisherman does need to be prepared for any number of situations that could arise on the water. But many people forget that mobility is a key factor in catching fish.

If you want to catch fish efficiently, than you cannot wait for the fish to come to you. You have to ACTIVELY SEARCH FOR THEM, and eliminate unproductive water. This is the main factor that separates those that are catching fish from those that are waiting to catch fish.

Nowhere is this situation more apparent than for the shore fisherman. The boat fisherman has mobility on his side already: The boat will take him wherever he needs to go and the amount of water the boat fisherman can cover is endless. However the shore fisherman has only a limited amount of possibilities. The amount of shoreline and how efficient he is at covering that given amount of water.

If the shore fisherman insists on lugging along a few tackle boxes and a few rods, then he is severely impairing the limits of his mobility. Compare this to the fisherman who takes along a small selection of Quality lures that enable him to ""cover' the water and an all purpose medium-fast action rod. The first fisherman will more than likely find a spot or two to sit down and wait for the fish to come to him, rather than continue to move. If he picks his spot or location wrong, he may wait a long time to catch any stragglers that may happen into the area, or maybe he won't catch any fish at all? Compare this to the other angler who is out there along the same shoreline, actively searching for probable hot-spots by quickly eliminating unproductive water. I can almost bet that this angler will catch more fish AND increase his on water knowledge. Knowledge that he can put to use at later dates and times.

A small tackle box with an assortment of lures and a few split shot, hooks, jig heads should suffice. If you are fishing with bait, then you may need some pencil floats and float stops. Make it a challenge to take the least amount that you can on each excursion. It will make fishing a lot more pleasant, and force you to use your chosen tackle in new and ingenious ways. Or you can do it like I do.

I stay mobile by using a Bucket buddy. It has extra pockets a fisherman can use to store extras like bug spray, cast net, sun screen, water, cola, sandwiches, etc and it comes in handy as well by carrying your bait. It comes with a strap that makes it easy to haul around even if you insist on carrying a bigger tackle box and helps maintain your mobility.

Increase your awareness and stay mobile.

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re: Mobility is Key to Catch Fish
11/29/2006 10:08:10 AM  Erik says,

I did a search, but could not find a bucket buddy. Where did you get it?

re: Mobility is Key to Catch Fish
12/28/2006 6:23:35 PM  Derek says,

These are sold through a small dealer. I will get you the name and number where you can order it if you send me an email.

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