The No Presence Factor

Daniel C. Nielsen   Tuesday, July 25, 2006 12:12 AM

Patience isn't the only virtue fishermen need when they hit the water. The no presence factor is another set of virtues, all rolled up into one, that are guranteed to make you not only better fishermen, but to increase your catch rate and the size of your fish. Sounds great doesn't it? But is it hard to practice these new virtues.

I am sure you all have heard it throughout the course of your lifetime in regards to the element of suprise. "stalking your prey" is a popular term used to describe how hunters track and shoot their quarry. Sight fisherman are no different. In fact, all fishermen could use a few lessons in the art of subterfuge. A little now can pay off big later.

Big fish don't get big by being stupid. Simple concept to grasp. They are at the top of their end of the food chain for a very good reason. They have adapted behavioral traits that have made them harder to find and capture to most anglers. That doesn't mean they can't be caught. It just means you'll have to try a bit harder and be a bit more careful about how you go about things.

For starters, lets take bank fishing. By all practical purposes, the odds are stacked heavily against the shoreline angler right at the beginning. Most of the most successful shoreline fishermen I know take a few things into account before they actually start to fish.

  • First, they approach the bank cautiously
  • Second, they avoid any unnecessary noise
  • Third, They try to avoid any sudden movement
  • Fourth, they usually try to blend in with their element the best they can

All great tips. Overall, these tips account for a No Presence factor that plays into your hands and leads to bigger and more fish by the days end.

Boaters can benefit from these suggestions as well. After all, Sound travels through water faster than it does through the air, so you can see any loud thumps or excess noise can alert wary fish to your presence long before you know they were there.

Other tips to consider when fishing that lend themselves well to a no presence factor as as follows

  • use lighter lines or the newer flourocarbons which blend into the water and are practically invisible.
  • When casting lures, try to feather the casts so they land as gently as possible in the water. Large splashes tend to shake wary fish up and they get lockjaw real quick.
  • Take the suns position into account when and where you find yourself moving to. Oftentimes all it takes is a shadow to send a big fish scurrying for deeper water. By taking a bit more time getting from area to area, you can approach more shoreline orientated fish and hopefully convert those percentages to your catch ratio for the day

I attribute much of my shoreline success to following these guidelines. They have worked well for me for over twenty years and I am sure that if you follow them, they will work for you as well.

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