The art of Chumming

Daniel C. Nielsen   Friday, February 04, 2005 9:03 PM

Chumming is normally thought of as strictly a saltwater phenomen. But this art is making drastic inroads in freshwater fishing practice. And the results are often pretty spectacular...

For instance, European anglers have begun selling the groundbait concoctions for carp and catfish to American anglers. These consist of ground corn and other select ingrediants ground to a relatively fine powder. Using specialized Euro tackle the anglers pack the groundbait into the tubes and cast out. As the time passes the groundbait dissolves, chumming the water. It will call fish into the immediate vicinity from a pretty long distance.

Panfish anglers are discovering that wax worms, folded into the pouch of slingshots and let loose over a wide area will definitely increase their success rate as well as bring in larger fish.

Catfish anglers have long known that they can bait holes with a burlap bag and some dead chickens or cow manure. Chicken innards also make great chum.

Pech anglers are a pretty wily bunch and they have discovered "slicking" their anchor lines with concotions mixed with minnows, nightcrawlers and sardine or anchovy juice. The mix it all up in a blender, and then put the resulting paste in tubes. keeping it on ice, they apply the paste to the last four feet of rope immediately ahead of the anchor, or at the depth they suspect the fish are holding.

As you can see, chumming is only limited by your imagination. I have been personally employing chumming tactics for over a decade, especially when the fishing gets tough.

One technique I use is for catfishing. I will often use cutbait, becuase it is so productive over a wide range of seasons. I catch a few chubs, suckers or bluegills. After cutting them into strips, I usually toss the heads and innards into the hole to begin the chumming process. This is incredible and can stir a lot of interest in your presentations. Doughballs or balls of stinkbait casually but strategically thrown into prime areas can do the same. Sounds crazy I know, but if there is one thing I have learned over the last two decades is not only is there always something more to learn about angling, but one should never overlook the ridiculous. (To clarify that last statement, Look at your options, no matter how crazy they are and don't be afraid to experiment.

Until next time anglers

Keep those lines wet.

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re: 5CKWR3Y5
7/10/2013 4:15:37 AM  Anne says,

KeithI just came back from my home in Doaktown and fished every day for 2 weeks. Saw fish but none lnaedd. I read your comments every time you write. Keith you always tell it the way it is,all fishermen tend to stretch the truth, and most outfitters are the same. I appreciate your factual and honest reporting.Keep up the good work.Ken JonahDipper Harbour. N.B.

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