How to Clean a Walleye

Derek Bierman   Wednesday, December 27, 2006 1:38 AM

Here are two free videos showing how to clean a walleye.

Here are two new walleye cleaning videos. The other website seems to have gone the way of the dodo. Enjoy!

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re: How to Clean a Walleye
6/26/2006 3:53:17 PM  Casey says,

Very good methods to cleaning walleye. there ar e no bones, and the cheak meat is the best fish i have ever tasted.

re: How to Clean a Walleye
7/10/2006 10:28:46 AM  Corinne says,

I watched the 2nd method. This is how I do it too, except when I remove the ribcage I flip the fillet over so the ribs are facing down on the cleaning surface then I firmly place my hand over the fillet, press down and slide my knife under along the ribs. You get very little waste.

re: How to Clean a Walleye
10/19/2006 10:22:56 PM  Erik says,


re: How to Clean a Walleye
12/28/2006 6:33:09 PM  Stacy says,

These links are broken, just so you know.

re: How to Clean a Walleye
12/28/2006 6:45:52 PM  Derek says,

Thanks Stacy. I have updated the video.

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