JA Boat-Worx?s ComforTroll and the Brittain's Brite Lite

David Hagood   Saturday, August 13, 2005 9:03 PM

It is pretty cool when ABA/MBAA members inform us of products they are coming up with for the marine market like the Tow-Light and other ones. Well here are a couple more ABA members that have come up with something that is very valuable for us boaters. A new light and a recess mount you can add to our front deck of your trolling motor pedal.

The ComforTroll is a recess mount for your trolling motor foot pedal. The unit is manufactured from heavy gauge aluminum and powder coated with a high quality coating to insure durability and safety. The ComforTroll was designed by weekend anglers for the weekend angler. We have all seen the new recess mounts on the new Triton X Series but now you can add one to your own boat. The main reason this has been a trend in the market is the comfort this brings to a day of fishing. We all have been standing like storks on one leg leaning back on one foot trying to run the trolling motor with the other. This makes your spine form an S and by the middle of the day your back is really hurting. With this mount you stand flat on two feet and helps remove the stress you on your spine that standing on one foot causes.

The 9 " wide x 17" long X 4" deep well is amazingly easy to mount and has been tested on 55 different boats and every trolling motor pedal out there. The ComforTroll mount is slimmer in size than any of these types of mounts which gets rid of interference with other items like cables and also is a better fit between any cross-members under the deck. This type of mount has been tried in the past but they have tended to crack because of the pressure over a period of time. This unit has a rounded rear flange and makes the mount many times stronger and should last a life time. It also has a tube attached to the bottom of the well that will drain water into the hull of the boat and way from any tackle boxes. JA Boat-Worx backs up this product with a limited lifetime guarantee. I like when companies back up their product with a great guarantee. The guys at JA Boat-Worx also came up with a really cool light called a Brittain's Brite Lite. There is never enough light when you are fishing early in the morning or late at night. Yes there are console lights and a light that lights up the floor of your boat but at times wouldn't it be great to have an easy to mount a light that gives you enough light to see what you are really doing. The portable, easy to mount, 12 volt florescent light, Brittain's Brite Lite will do just that. The light can be ordered either temporary mounting or permanent mounting. Even with the permanent mount the light can be removed and stored. This light is 100% water proof and is made from high impact PVC which will give it a long life. What is cool about the light is you can use it for your boat, your truck, anywhere you have a 12volt plug in and need more light. The Brittain's Brite Lite is just another cool concept turned to useful product from the guys at JA Boat-Worx. For more information on JA Boat-Worx and the ComforTroll and the Brittain's Brite Lite visit their website at jaboatworx.com or give them a call at 317-837-9852.

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