Fishing RSS Feeds for Lakes, Rivers, Streams, and Dams

Derek Bierman   Tuesday, May 03, 2005 9:03 PM

With the success of or RSS feeds, we have been asked if we would provide RSS feeds for specific lakes, rivers, streams, and dams throughout the state and even broader through the midwest. Since most inquiries on the site are geared toward fishing spots more so than species of fish, this just makes sense for us to offer these.

For an RSS feed to be successful, we need to recruit more people to keep them up-todate. If you have a particular spot that you would like keep anglers updated on then please contact us, we would like to hear from you.

How the fishing RSS will work

Once we have some baitshops or fishermen that will take the responsibility to keep the RSS up-todate, we will create one. For example, we will use Louis and Clark Lake.

The "owners" of this RSS feed will register with their email address and a chosen password. It will be up to the owners what exactly will be posted, but we would suggest:

  • Water Level
  • Fish Activity
  • Weather
  • Camping
  • Activities
  • Angler Activity etc
If you are a website owner already (a baitshop owner for example) you will easily be able to consume the RSS feed on your own website using our JavaScript RSS Readers located on our RSS Channel.

Feel free to use our contact form if you are interested.

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