Give Game Wardens a Break

Derek Bierman   Monday, April 25, 2005 9:03 PM

I had a discussion with a game warden while fishing with a friend up in the Lincoln area. Something came up in our conversation that was unsettling to me. Fishermen enjoy making life hell for them. Okay, so no one likes to be hassled. I've had a few bad experiences too, but some of us seem to go the extra distance. Forum users even bad mouth game wardens on their own website. This is pretty low. (

I had the chance to fish while in Lincoln with a friend while on a business trip. I had everything I needed, with the exception of my fishing license. A truck pulled up to the lake, and the game warden jumped out with a smile on her face. "Do you have your license with you, sir?"


"Do you have a license?"

"Yes, my wife bought it for me at Wal-Mart."

Game Warden, "Are you sure? Because it would be bad for you if you are lying."

"I'm sure."

As she was taking down the rest of my information, I mentioned that I run a fishing website. A faint grimace came over her face. Apparently, fellow fishermen like to blast the Nebraska Game and Parks Wardens...even on their own website forums. In my particular situation I could understand why people do not like to see game wardens; however we certainly need them more than they need us. Have you ever pondered to yourself or had a conversation with your Grandfather why we just don't see the really big fish anymore? Its because of unethical fishing practices and the volume of fishermen who just don't care about our waters. We need game wardens to keep our waters clean, to stock our lakes, and to make sure we get some use out of our fishing asking us to pull it out once in a while.

So, the next time you see a game warden coming your way or happen across one on a forum, have a friendly chat. They just might tell you where the fish are biting.

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re: Give Game Wardens a Break
9/27/2012 8:51:12 PM  Siddihirazzaq says,

Vermont Wild: Adventures of Vermont Fish & Game Wardens is a fun read. It?s a collaborative eforft from former warden Eric Nuse, illustrator Bob Lutz, and writer Megan Price. This is Volume 1; apparently they?re already working on Volume 2.Now, I?m not sure I?d want to be a game warden. At first it seems like the dream job, until you remember that you?ll be working alone and confronting lawbreakers way out in the woods, with no backup in sight. During hunting season?well, and also outside of hunting season, whenever you?re enforcing game laws?you?ll be confronting poachers who are at least as well armed as you are. This does not seem like a fun time.In one story, ?Cover Me,? Eric comes up with a good solution to this dilemma when arresting two well-armed poachers. Lucky for him, it worked. Next time, who knows?Fortunately, of course, most warden misadventures are more humorous than harrowing. I found myself really chuckling at some of the stories in this book. But I do kind of wish that I hadn?t read the chapter ?Moose Vesuvius? right after dinner?especially since my wife and I had just finished a delicious venison roast with plenty of nice, thick gravy. At least it wasn?t moose.And speaking of wives and venison? The chapter ?Squish in the Night? might be another one to not read over dinner. This chapter also helps explain why Eric is no longer married to his first wife. By now, over 30 years later, she?s probably forgiven him for the entire incident. As far as forgiving Bob Lutz for the illustration on page 134, well, that?s another story.Vermont Wild is a fun read, and would make a great gift for the hunters and anglers on your list?especially if they live in or anywhere near Vermont. Plus, ten percent of all profits will be used for wildlife protection and outdoor education. The book is available for $19.95 at local retailers. Or, you can order a copy at . Al Cambronne, co-author of Gut It. Cut It. Cook It.: The Deer Hunter?s Guide to Processing and Preparing Venison.

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